"Working with Sarah has been transformative for me. I've been struggling to determine a major and career path that resonates with my vision of self, and my discussions with Sarah consistently add clarity to my decision process. Sarah brings humor and personal experience to our conversations so that I feel understood and safe in pushing my boundaries. She gently asks questions that probe further into my thought process, allowing me insight into what is pushing me forward, what might be standing in my way, and why I believe what I do."     -RD from Berkeley 

"Your patience and intelligence as well as your natural ability to understand human beings (not to mention your wit and sense of humor) cannot be taught.  You were amazing with [my son] and he is neither easy to please nor easy to help.  I know you have made a huge difference in his life."   - AW from NYC

"I've been meaning to write to you and appreciate all of the positivity, hard work, patience, understanding, perseverance, and calm that you brought to working with me.  It's easy to lose faith when signs of progress and healing are less visible.  Your steady belief in me often refreshed and encouraged my own belief that making my life what it is now is the most meaningful and purposeful thing I have done."            -GW from Ann Arbor

"You have a unique way of seeing, understanding, and translating complex interpersonal situations.  It seems you are comfortable talking with just about anyone, and can put complex notions into language that anyone can understand.  I appreciate your inquisitive mind and ability to articulate your perspective on situations in ways that lend insight and clarity."                  -LP from NYC

"Changing requires motivation. Sarah has helped me to find it differently than I had learned to in the past. Sarah helped me to see other more humane strategies to dealing with my challenges. I also began to view myself differently and appreciate who I am in the moment. I feel that Sarah provided me with tools to live more congruently with my values, and to present myself with more confidence. Time always flies when talking to Sarah because her humor, wisdom and authenticity keep me engaged.  As I look to make breakthroughs in my life, I will remember to see myself in a kind light--happily  achieving."                     - MR from Philadelphia